Kashoo is an online accounting solution for freelancers, small business owners, and independent contractors to manage taxes, audits, and other accounting functions. The solution is also accessible on mobile devices via an iOS application. The solution allows users to work offline and synchronize data once the Internet connection is established. In addition, Kashoo allows you to connect to over 5000 banks and credit unions.

With over 150,000 registered users in over 180 countries, Kashoo is simple, cloud-based accounting software for small businesses, anytime, anywhere, on the web, and the most downloaded accounting app in the App Store. But for the thousands of entrepreneurs around the world who use Kashoo to manage their business finances, it’s much more than that. Kashoo is independent. Things have to happen anywhere, anytime.

This accounting tool automatically categorizes your expenses and smart invoices allowing your customers to pay you directly on the invoice itself.

Moreover, the tool offers impressive reports and insights to help you make more informed decisions. As all reports are real-time, this means you will know how your business is doing financially at all times.

Kashoo accounting features include sending invoices, tracking income & expenses, accepting payments, essential reporting, tracking of sales & sales tax, double-entry ledger, advance reporting, check print, payroll integration, projects, and much more.

The automated accounting feature provided by Kashoo allows you to maximize your tax deductions via automated data entry and machine learning-powered auto-categorization. Other available features are automatic contact creation, automatic reconciliation, the ability to connect your financial records, and point & click receipt capture.


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