H & R Block will help you with your taxes, finances, bookkeeping, and payroll. They are available online and in person.

H & R Block offers help with taxes to business owners such as self-employed and small businesses. Their small business-certified tax pros have up-to-date information on federal, state, and local taxes. They are available year-round, have specialized training in small business taxes, and have an average of 12 years of experience.

For self-employed, they offer help with Form 1040 and Schedule C, Form 1120S for S Corporations, Form 1120 for C Corporation, and Form 1065 for Partnerships.

H & R Block offers full-service bookkeeping services. This includes a dedicated account manager, quarterly support with on-demand access to expert help, and a review of your books year-to-date. Also, you will get access to virtual and in-person help, an action plan created each quarter, on-demand access to Xero, and onboarding to Xero.

H & R Block will provide you assistance in setting up a consolidated view of all your accounts, monthly reconciliation, financial statement creation & delivery, real-time transaction categorization, and ensure that the books would be finalized for tax time.

Payroll services provided by H & R Block include a dedicated account manager and set-up support on their platform. Also, they provide fully compliant payroll runs for federal, state, and local requirements. Other services include federal & state tax withholding/remittance, W-2 creation & distribution, quarterly payroll filling (Forms 940/941), quarterly unemployment withholding, and much more.

H & R Block also offers personalized consultations that will help you to navigate your tax situation. They will cover such topics as underutilized deductions that can help to lower your tax liability, general tax education, common payroll tax issues, and how to organize your financials to track your business expenses.


$30 Tax software
$10 Tax extension
$99 Expat tax services
$20 Tax Identity Shield

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