Biztory is a cloud accounting solution for small businesses (SMEs) in Malaysia. The software allows you to manage your quotation & invoice, simplify your accounting & taxes, manage your cash flow, and manage your inventory.

Generating quotations & invoices feature allows you to create and send invoices, automatically bill your invoices, convert quotations into an invoice, and send invoices via e-mail or messengers.

Managing your cash flow feature lets you understand your company’s cash flow, manage fund transfers & bank reconciliation, set up recurring bills for your customers, set up your payment terms, and others.

Managing your purchases & inventory feature allows you to manage your purchase & expenses report, issue purchase orders & invoices, sync your data and monitor your stock level, issue a debit note, issue internal purchase orders, and others.

Biztory accounting & taxes feature facilitates the generation of key financial reports (profit & loss, cash flow, aging accounts), provides GST & SST services, lets you estimate your taxes, if needed you can get professional accounting services.


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